Family Governance, Concierge and other Services

In order to protect and grow the wealth for the entire family on a sustainable basis, families may need to define topics like:

  • their values
  • the strategy
  • the involvement of family members in the management of the family business
  • the rights and duties of in-laws
  • the investment and distribution policy
  • the communication within the family and to the outside
  • means to avoid or resolve conflicts
  • the training of the next generation

We are happy to organize family conferences and find sustainable solutions as well as to define, draft and implement such guidelines. If needed, independent experts or members of other families in similar situations can be involved for certain topics.

Training of the Next Generation

We assist you in finding the right school for your children, put a training program together for your successors or coach them to run companies and become efficient board members.


We are specialized in advising individuals and families who intend to take domicile in Switzerland with regard to organizational, legal, tax and real estate matters, i.e. the entire process of a change in domicile.

Purchase and Sale of Art & Luxury Goods

Through our network, we can obtain valuations or assist with the purchase, sale or insurance of assets like art, jewelry, stamps or vintage cars.